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Robert Stanek’s books are starting to capture the hearts and imaginations of people around the world. Just about everyone seems to like the refreshingly unique fantastic adventures and the breathtaking world of Ruin Mist. The books have inspired young and old alike! Teachers around the US are starting to discover the books as well and we hope you will consider sharing the books with your students too.


Teacher’s Classroom Guide to Ruin Mist Grades 4-8, 2nd Edition

Paperback, August 2005


Product Details:
ISBN: 1575450380
Format: Paperback 8.25”x11”, 120pp
Pub. Date: August 2005

Synopsis Teachers around the US are starting to discover Robert Stanek's Ruin Mist books and if you want to use the books in your classroom, this wonderful guide can help you every step of the way. Beyond being entertaining, the stories offer important life lessons. Through the eyes of the characters, readers discover the importance of friendship, loyalty, truth and trust. Readers grieve with Adrina as she mourns the loss of her mother. They learn the importance of listening, and not just looking at the things around them, but truly seeing the world as it is. They learn about modesty, prejudice and how one person's perception of something can be different from another's. But most importantly, they learn that people who are true to each other and themselves can succeed. Get this classroom guide!


This 8.25”x11” classroom book for teacher’s includes:


  • Author biography
  • Author interview
  • Vocabulary builders
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Discussion Questions
  • Unit Tests
  • Unit Activities


Table of Contents



Meet Robert Stanek          10

Family and Childhood       11

How many brothers and sisters do you have?     11

Did bullies ever pick on you?         11

Tell me about your Big Brother.     11

Did you read a lot when you were a child?         12

Did you want to be a writer back then?   13

Did you have any pets when you were little?      13

Tell us about your father and mother.      14

Did you always do as you were told?       15

Tell us about your grandparents.   15

Why did you move to the country?         16

Tell us about the farmhouse and growing up in the country.     17

What else do you remember about living there?   17

What was it like not having your father in your life?       18

School Days            19

Tell me about your first school.     19

Tell me about your walks to school.        20

What do you remember about that school?        20

Tell us about moving and changing schools.       21

Who was your favorite teacher?   22

Was there anything you didn't like about school? 23

Outside of school, what was your childhood like? 25

Have you ever gone back to the schools you attended? 25

Did you really get leaches all over you one time? 26

Did you watch a lot of television?  26

Do you miss those times?   27

A car hit you when you were young. What happened?   27

Military Career       29

Why did you join the military?       29

What do you remember about basic training?      30

Was language school hard? 31

Where did you go next?     32

Did you like living in Texas? 33

Tell me about your first assignment.        33

Did training end once you got to your first assignment?  35

Did you travel in Japan?     35

Did you learn Japanese?     36

Did you study martial arts? 36

Where did you go after Japan?     37

Was survival school really scary?  37

Is it true you met your wife while going to flying school?          39

What was Germany like?    39

Tell me more about the food in Europe.    40

Did you travel in Europe?   40

How come you had to go to war?  41

Was it scary?         41

Tell me about Hawaii.        42

What made you want to get a degree, finally?    43

Why did you leave the military?    44

Writing Career       45

When did you first start writing about Ruin Mist? 45

When did you first try to get the Ruin Mist books published?     46

What happened after your first book was published?      47

Tell me about the publication of the first Ruin Mist book.          48

How many Ruin Mist books will there be?  48

What will you do when you publish the last Ruin Mist book?      49


An overview 51

Who are the main characters?      51

How does the author manage so many characters?       52

How come the Ruin Mist world has differing histories?    53

What is the dark place Vilmos visits?       53

Where do the dragons and titans live?     53

How come men and elves are enemies in Ruin Mist?       54

What is the significance of the Ruin Mist book covers?   54

What is King's Mate?         57


Exploring Ruin Mist in the Classroom        59

Expanding Vocabulary        60

Learning Creatively  68

Playing King's Mate in the Classroom        69

Exploring Common Trades in the Kingdoms          73

Review Questions for Discussion: Chapters 1-2   85

Review Questions for Discussion: Chapters 3-4   87

Review Questions for Discussion: Chapters 5-6   89

Review Questions for Discussion: Chapters 7-8   91

Review Questions for Discussion: Chapters 9-10  93

Review Questions for Discussion: Chapters 11-12          95

Review Questions for Discussion: Chapters 13-14          97

Review Questions for Discussion: Chapters 15-16          99

Quiz!: Chapters 1-2 100

Quiz!: Chapters 3-4 101

Quiz!: Chapters 5-6 102

Quiz!: Chapters 7-8 103

Quiz!: Chapters 9-10         104

Quiz!: Chapters 11-12       105

Quiz!: Chapters 13-14       106

Quiz!: Chapters 15-16       107


Sorrow & Grief        109

Responsibilities       110

Eavesdropping        111

Friendship & Loyalty          112

Perceptions & Misconceptions       113


How many Ruin Mist books are there? Nine: Six children's books and three for adults. Children should start with The Kingdoms & the Elves of the Reaches (ISBN: 1-57545-059-3). Adults, with Keeper Martin's Tale (ISBN: 1-57545-042-9). A companion volume entitled Ruin Mist Heroes, Legends and Beyond (ISBN: 1-57545-067-4) is now available.


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