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RP Books / Reagent Press is pleased to share with you The Bugville Critters, a set of children’s picture books four years in the making. We hope you in turn will share these books with parents, teachers, and anyone else who loves children’s stories. The author, Robert Stanek, wrote these books originally as bedtime stories for his own children. The stories address the real issues and challenges his children faced as they started school, made friends, and started to learn about the world around them. The stories provide real lessons about life, friendship, family, our world, the natural world of which we are all a part, and our environment. With global warming looming large in everyone’s thoughts, has there ever been a better time to send positive messages to our children about the importance of our natural world and the environment?

     The first The Bugville Critters book, The Bugville Critters Visit Dad and Mom at Work, was published in print on May 1 2007. This was followed by the publication of The Bugville Critters Go to School, The Bugville Critters Have a Sleepover, and The Bugville Critters Visit Garden Box Farms.

     We’re asking Pre-K, and K – 3 teachers in schools across the U.S.A. to participate in “Send a Letter to Buster Bee” campaigns and get free books for their classrooms along the way.

Learn more at the Official The Bugville Critters web site... click here!

Books for Kids

The Bugville Critter Storybooks  Robert Stanek’s Bugville Critters stories address all the major issues of growing up and are designed to appeal to the ever-growing interests of children three to eight years old. These refreshing stories combine facts about our natural world with fictional stories that instruct and entertain.

How Mother Nature -  Tom Schwartz's book makes learning about our environment fun and interesting. Not only does it reinforce what is taught in elementary schools about nature, science and how our natural world works, it also helps to ensure retention as the children mature.

The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches - Robert Stanek's Kingdoms and the Elves books are great stories for young and old alike with strong, positive messages about friendship, loyalty, compassion, bravery, and courage.

Journey Beyond the Beyond - Robert Stanek's is a coming of age story about a boy who must set out to prove himself a man.

Arianna Kelt and the Wizards of Skyhall - J R King's story is an inspiration for all kids. This young author completed his first book when he was 12 and is already at work on the sequel. A delightful adventure in a world where wizards, warlocks and other magical creatures are real. 

Classroom Materials for Teachers

Our popular Teacher's Classroom Guide books are complete with everything teacher's need to enhance the reading experience and make reading fun. Look for these great guides...

Teacher's Classroom Guide to Robert Stanek's Ruin Mist 2nd Edition
Students Classroom Guide to The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches 2nd Edition
Students Classroom Guide to The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches II
Teacher's Classroom Guide to Robert Stanek's Magic Lands
Students Classroom Guide to Robert Stanek's Magic Lands
Teacher's Classroom Guide to Tom Schwartz's How Mother Nature Stories

The Teacher's Classroom Guide to Tom Schwartz's How Mother Nature Stories includes the full text of the printed book; a 22-page literature circle guide with activities, vocabulary builders, and more; and several classroom handouts. The classroom handouts are available for free by clicking the links below:

Home-School Connection Handout for the How Mother Nature stories

Shared Reading Handout for the How Mother Nature stories

Literature Circle Questions and Answers for the How Mother Nature Stories


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